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fiberglass pool installation Inground pools come in numerous shapes and sizes, so they will fit virtually any lot.  Basic shapes may be oval, rectangular, or round; but custom freeform shapes are available in any shape you desire.  Pools may be constructed from concrete, fiberglass, or vinyl.  Concrete pools are generally formed by spraying Gunite™ or shotcrete onto a steel-reinforced form.  Any pool shape can be created in this manner.  Once the concrete cures, either Gunite-compatible plaster or an aggregate and epoxy mix is applied.  A popular concrete pool edging consists of a few rows of ceramic tile.  Fiberglass pools are delivered in one piece.  There is some limitation of size and shape because of delivery by truck, but the walls are gel coated and smoother than a concrete pool.  Other inground pools are vinyl, which means the pool has a vinyl liner.  Side panels support the liner.  While shapes of this type of pool are limited, the liners come in a variety of colors and patterns.

vinyl inground pool side walls Pools require a circulation system to keep the pool clean, as well as chemicals to control bacteria.  A pool professional can guide you in choosing the right size pump, filter, and heater, as well as instruct you how to maintain healthy, clean water.  Use of pool covers will help to keep the water warm.  Inground pools may be designed to use either fresh water or salt water.  While a salt water pool costs more upfront, salt usually costs less than chemicals and is easier on eyes, skin, and hair.

pool floats Most localities require a pool to be fenced in, but pool covers and pool alarms are available for safety as well.  Consider installing a safety ledge, or wide shelf, along the side of the pool for children to grab onto.  Add a float line between shallow and deep ends of the pool.  Don't leave toys near the pool because they can attract young children.  And keep a portable phone in the pool area so you won't be tempted to leave youngsters behind to answer a call.

Pool Builders

In addition to the inground pool designers and manufacturers listed below, you may be interested in visiting the Master Pools Guild website, a registry of pool designers and pool builders.  Their website features a pool planning guide and gallery.

  • Anthony & Sylvan offers new pool and spa installations as well as pool equipment and upgrades of existing pools.
  • Cascade Pools manufactures residential inground swimming pools.
  • Custom Pools designs and builds residential swimming pools.
  • Fox Pool offers a broad range of vinyl inground pools and spas.
  • Medallion Pools offers a broad selection of swimming pools, spas, swim spas, and accessories.
  • Pacific Pools manufactures inground swimming pools and components which it distributes through a network of pool dealers/builders.

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