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landscaped inground pool with bench Taking the plunge to own an inground pool is only a dream for many of us.  Not only are inground swimming pools expensive to construct and landscape, but they also require an ongoing commitment to maintain them.  In order for a pool to provide an "at-home vacation," you should plan your pool installation carefully.  Peruse idea books and talk with experts who can guide you to achieving your goal of a sparkling retreat for you and your family and friends.  This is a major home improvement project that needs your full attention.

Consider how you will use an inground pool.  Will it be a recreation center where you can hang out with friends and family — a place for pool games and splashing around?  Perhaps you desire a lap pool or swim spa for exercising regularly?  Or will it be a place used just for relaxation and a good soak?  And, will it include a spa?

organic shape inground pool with landscaped surroundings Think about what pool style and shape will best fit your home style and landscape.  Do you have a wide, flat backyard or will you need to fit the pool into a hillside or small area?  Do you have a general idea of where you want your pool located?  Many homeowners find that a pool located near their home makes entertaining easier.  Are there existing structures on the property as well as your home?  What are the locations of trees and shrubs?  Take a look at your survey map and see what area will work best.  Analyze the existing soil.  Will rock need to be removed, or will the land need to be recontoured?  Are there utilities that are buried or overhead in the area you like best?  There may be septic systems or overhead power lines, which will preclude use of the area.  You will also want to see how the sun and shade can be used to your advantage and add to your enjoyment.  Be sure you have access to the equipment necessary to build your pool, and use a reputable company that works in your area and knows local codes and zoning laws.  They will ensure that you obtain proper permits.

Inground Pool Resources

  • The Association of Pool & Spa Professionals (APSP) is an international trade organization that promotes pool and spa safety and good maintenance practices.  Their website also includes consumer information about pool and spa construction and maintenance.
  • AquaTech is a society of more than 120 pool builders.  Their website features inground pool ideas, designs, and accessories.

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